Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Baby front.......

I don't want this whole blog to turn into baby news, but it's kind of a big deal right now. I hope you understand.

Apparently when you get pregnant, aside from all the 'being pregnant' changes in your body, other things start to happen too. I have recently acquired super smelling capabilities. Things that I would have never noticed before are now a huge deal to me. For example, my seat at work was recently moved and the seat I am in now is closer to the bathroom. So all day all I can smell is chemicals from the bathroom, which totally turn my stomach. Thankfully, mom got me an air freshener for my desk which goes off when it senses a different odor. Hooray! The other thing I have noticed happening is that I am forgetting things all the time and making small errors at work. Apparently it's called baby brain, but it's terrible and it needs to stop. I can't afford to forget things and make these little mistakes. So frustrating. But, it's all worth it in the end. And my appetite is slowly returning which is a good thing, but I seem to not be able to eat as I did before, which I need to learn. Portion size needs to be smaller no matter how much I think I can eat or how hungry I think I really am. 

We have two more weeks until our next appointment, but I have been feeling tiny little flutters lately so the little one is letting me know little Baby M is still growing and potentially having a dance party in there.

In painting news, I came home from work last night expecting to have to finish edging the Baby M's room just to find that on my amazing Hubby's day off, he finished the entire room, 2nd coat of paint and all! I was/am so impressed and surprised (because, to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do after a day of work on a Friday was to paint). He's just so wonderful and the room looks amazing! I'll take some pictures soon!

Also, I was going to post some pictures of a gift that I made my best friend, but I forgot to snap some photos of it before I wrapped it and gave it to her.. Bummer. But maybe she'll wear it over next time and I'll get to take some then.

I've also noticed that I honestly do not take enough photos anymore. Maybe it has been the lack of energy, maybe the lack of interesting things, but I definitely need to start taking them again. I looked for a profile picture for this blog and could not even find one recent one (post 40lbs lost, currently pregnant). With that being said, more picture taking will commence immediately. It's a bummer though, because it's so cold out now, that taking pictures outside is a challenge... We'll see how it goes. That's all the news I have for today. Sorry it's so wordy. Once I get back on the wagon of taking photos, I'll have plenty to show you on here.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a busy few days but it was pretty relaxing too :) it has been kind of hectic lately. Anyway, the news of 2011 is that Eric and I are expecting a little bundle of joy come June. This should make sense for my lack of posting/maintaining this new blog. But now that it's out in the open, I can't wait to share things with everyone.
Baby M has been pretty fluttery for the past week. Its the kind of thing where you question if it's just gas (but it's totally not!) Also maybe a little tmi.
Eric got me a momma necklace for christmas. I love it. It's simple and beautiful. I also got a statue and a stuffed Momma bear. I love that this is finally happening.
We also started painting Baby M's room. It's a beautiful green that I am so in love with.
I'll be better posting and maybe I'll update the look of this blog soon!
Any Christmas happenings you would like to share?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Star Wars

Makes me happy.

So, this is going to be a super quick post today. I don't really have a lot of time, but I wanted to share this at least! So while perusing the interwebs this morning, I stumbled across templates for Star Wars shaped paper snowflakes. Oh. My. God. I can't even begin to tell you how super pumped this makes me. You can find them here. And print one of everything and make them all and hang them in your windows because since it has been 40*+ there is a lack of snow and what better way to celebrate snow than with Star Wars!

I'm just so excited. So go, try, play and enjoy and let me know how they come out!

Til we meet again!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not a good idea.

I had a doctor's appointment on the 13th so afterward we went to Wendy's. Which is the exact reason for the title today. After not having eaten fast food like that in many many months, it was such an awful idea. I think we both had visions of grandeur when it came to Wendy's Baconator. Seriously. Have you had one. It's magical. Well... it used to be. Husband decided to try the cheddar melt. It looked wonderful on the sign. Greasy and messy and cheesy, how can you go wrong! So we ordered and everything, frosty and cheeseburger for me, and we eat.  And eat. And eat. And feel guilty about ourselves eating it. And by the end we were full, but not satisfied. It's so unfortunate. Ugh! But, they did put the cheeseburger in a little cardboard stand which I totally appreciated! Haha! Anyway, no more fast food for this duo for a very long time.

Monday, December 12, 2011

knitting fail.

This past weekend I tried my hand at knitting. When I was in 8th grade, I remember being able to knit. Like a boss. But now that I'm older, and haven't picked up knitting needles in a really long time, it was not how I remember it to be. I casted on, but for the first row, it felt like I was trying too hard. As if I wanted to knit so badly that my stitches were too tight, then too lose, and then I got frustrated and took the whole thing out.

Needless to say, it was awful. All I wanted to do was to knit a scarf. I guess I'm going to have to youtube my way through the beginning part of knitting to see what it is that I was doing wrong, because something was clearly not right.

Does that happen to you? Do you want to be able to do something so badly, but when you attempt, it feels like you can't do anything right? So I wound up giving up on it that day.... But I'm definitely going to try again.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A little project....

I have been thinking for a while about starting up a new blog, separate from my photography blog. And making it about and for me. And my life. And my insanity (well not really... just ramblings I suppose). I feel that maybe it's about time to have one about me, and not about the photography. I'll post of photo news on this one, but the 'me' news on my new one....

I feel good about this change. I won't feel so bad posting things on here that are completely not photography related, because a lot of things in my life are not photography related...

I have been in a crafty mood. But I've been so tired lately, that it's difficult to get into something only to want to fall asleep before the project is done. I think it's just that time of year, you know, when the holiday buzz wears you out before you can even get to finish gift buying and wrapping and suddenly the holiday is here and you are nowhere near done..... yeah. Well, I recently bought a pattern off etsy from Richmond Art for Megaman.  I though, oh awesome a nice little project for me to work on while I'm watching t.v. or what-have-you. I got to the last page and just didn’t have the ambition to finish it. He was sadly sitting on the living room floor, in pieces waiting for legs and one arm.
Bits and pieces of Megaman
I kept seeing it, that's why I left it there- to make sure that I would see it, and kept meaning to go and finish it, but every time I went to pick it up, life got in the way. So I figured that Sunday was a perfect day to finish it up! (although I always have a hard time finishing the faces.... but soon, he'll have eyes!)

I think he came out great! And all in all, it was a great little project to fill my time!
What kinds of projects do you work on when you have a little free time?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Blog- New Rules

This is going to be my new blog. Where it's about me and my life with my love. Which is great for me. I won't be so limited to share only about photography related things and I will have the opportunity to share crafty things! Hooray for changes!

So as of right now, this is pretty bare bones, but very soon, I will be changing it up, and making it a space just for me. (Hopefully I can figure it all out!) I'm so excited to share on here!

Excitedly optimistic,