Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My oh my....

 Oh guys, I haven't forgotten about you all..  It's just been so hectic going back to work and trying to get in the swing of things. Ugh!

Work feels like I never left which is neither good nor bad.... Just keep heading in there til I win the lottery, then I'll be able to stay home with my little guy all day :) Wishful thinking right?

We took Lucas apple picking. What a good little sport he was! I'll post some pictures next time.

As for now, gonna go scoop up the little guy and put him in bed... and maybe take a few minutes to relax!

I'll be back soon :)

No post is complete without a picture!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quick Post Tonight...

 Today is officially my last day of maternity leave. I'm so bummed.

This past week I have been taking Lucas over to my mother-in-law's house every day to see how he'll adjust (and so I can cry in the car on the way home so I don't cry tomorrow when I drop him off- which I totally did on Thurday, but Friday was easier..)..

He's does amazingly well at her house. I mean, why wouldn't he. He's a pretty awesome little dude.

 But still. I'm going to miss my little bean. We've been buddies all summer and it's just too sad that I have to get back to work and he has to be away from me. But, I know it's definitely good because she'll teach him a lot and I can help make money to support us all :)

That's about all that's going on. Trying to adjust to a new schedule and such. We'll see if I'll even have the energy to post things this week....

On a side note, I got these Star Wars Crochet Patterns and I can't wait to make them! So exciting! All I need now is an owl and I'll be a happy girl.

Cross your fingers that I'll be okay tomorrow at work and that maybe someday I'll win the lottery.

No post is really complete without a picture :)
Have a wonderful night!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Time Flies.

When I was younger and people said "Time flies" I never really understood it. I guess. I mean, obviously time goes by, at the end of every year we're all like "Oh, hey, how is it already Christmas?" and "Where did this year go?!" but until there's a certain date (dating a couple, a few, several years ago) or something funny that you remember randomly but realize that it happened 10, 11, 12 years ago, you don't realize it- time DOES fly by.

12 years ago (tomorrow 9/9) Eric and I started "dating." I say dating in quotations because we were 16. What kind of dating really happens at 16? I mean, we went to the movies. Held hands. Showed everyone we were a 'couple'. Smooched in the hallways. Wrote each other notes on college ruled, three-hole-punched notebook paper that we passed to each other between classes. I guess at 16 that is what dating consists of. But we always say that we never really dated during our relationship. Here's why. 
We started off as classmates in freshman algebra. Then we became 'neighbors' due to assigned seating. Then we because absolute best friends. Talking to each other on the phone for hours and hours on end. Then we shared stories of our lives. Our ups, our downs. Our crushes and what-not. I always said no to his asking me out for those years. We were best friend. I didn't want things to turn ugly, then I would lose my absolute best friend.
Then my 16th birthday happened.

One week later. "Hey I was thinking........" came out of my mouth on the phone one night.
E: "Thinking about what?"
J: "People"
E: "Who people?"
J: "Me and you people."
Let's just say, it was on like Donkey Kong after that. We were pretty much inseparable.
He even liked me when I had braces. Yuck.
 I stole his t-shirts.
We went to prom.
We went everywhere in his car.
We graduated high school.. (I have no scanned pics... sadly)
I graduated college.
Shortly after that, we got married.
Then we drove to Vegas.
1. The Arch in St. Louis. 2. Sunflower fields in Kansas 3. Sunset before Colorado. 4. Pit stop in the Rockies 5. Utah 6. The Grand Canyon 7. Treasure Island in Las Vegas
We went to hockey games.
I started my photography business.
J.M. Photography--
The Bruins won the Stanley Cup and we were front row for the parade :)
Took Eric to his first Sox game on my birthday!
Then this happened. :)
 And this.
 And this.
Then this.....
 Which turned into this. This perfect little boy.
 And now we're here. I write this blog. I work full time for an excellent company. Eric still has his full time job that he got when we were in high school. We live in a great apartment (the one I grew up in which amazingly became available when we desperately needed to move out of a terrible situation). And we couldn't be happier. So, yeah, I guess the older I get, the more I appreciate (and realize) that time does fly.

With all that being said, Happy 12 Year Anniversary, Dear Husband. I love you to the moon and back. Hope we spend many, many more years together, living, growing, sharing and raising (and loving the crap out of) this little guy that we call ours.

**Sorry this post was so long.. Clearly I got a little carried away ;)**

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend... which in my house, is usually some sort of big deal. It's both my and my mom's birthday weekend usually. So maybe not a big deal, because when you're my age, your birthday becomes all about cake and ice cream and less about a 'birthday party' but eh, I usually enjoy myself. This birthday was my first one as a mumma. Which is pretty cool. Little guy Lucas got me this awesome frame for my desk at work. I just need to find some pictures for it!
On that note. I go back to work a week from Monday. I'm kind of stressing. I mean, adult conversation will be nice but part of me feels like I'm going to miss out on everything my little guy does which gets me totally bummed. The biggest saving grace is that he will be with my mother in law, so that makes it a thousand times easier to leave him.. But I would still LOVE to stay home with him til he goes off to school, then I'll head back to work. But no, that can't happen. My paid time off is coming to an end and I have to return to the working world. Here's hoping my job won't drive me crazy when I get back.

But back to my birthday. Here's a little bit of what went on.. (minus my food- because I was super hungry and ate it before I thought to take a picture- steak tips and corn on the cob- best EVER)
1. Gift cards to my fave places to eat. 2. An anchor Alex and Ani bracelet 3. Mmm Cake. 4./5. The best card ever from my sister. 6. New phone. Hooray! 7. Homemade wrapping paper. 8. New clothes from my brother.
Happy Birthday Mumma!!!

 Tuesday night we celebrated my mom's birthday with pasta, meatballs, sausage, cake and ice cream. Home cooked birthday meals are the best! So delish!
Happy Birthday Grammy!
That's about all that has been going on lately... Just trying to spend as much time with this cute boy as I can before I head back to work.

This weekend coming up is our friend's son's birthday! I can't believe he's going to be 1! Time just flies by too quickly. I'll soon be saying it about this little bean...

Have a wonderful day/week everyone!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Picture-a-day- September

So I'm contemplating doing the Picture- A - Day for September. Who's up for the challenge?
I saw this on Fat Mum Slim!

1. You, now: A photo of you at present. So a self-portrait. A photo of your reflection. Or a photo of a photo.
2. Father: It’s Father’s Day in Australia. Take a photo of your dad. A Dad. A father figure. Etc.
3. Far Away: Take a photo of something far away, as in distance or time-wise.
4. In my mailbox/postbox: Take a photo of something out of your mailbox, or inside your mailbox.
5. Bright: Take a photo of something bright. Or someone super smart. Or something just bright!
6. Every day: Take a photo of something from your every day, or something that happens every day.
7. Natural: Take a photo of something natural {in colour or else}.
8. At night: Take a photo at night.
9. Something you do most weekends: Do you sleep? Eat? Play? Party? Snap it.
10. Hero: Who do you look up to? Share.
11. Black + White: Shoot in black and white today.
12. Together: Snap a photo of something together, or something that belongs together.
13. Table: Take a photo of a table, or something on a table.
14. Favorite: Take a photo of something that you adore!
15. First thing you see: What’s the first thing you see when you wake? Get to work? Or go somewhere? Snap it. Share it.
16. Strange: Shoot something strange/unusual in your day.
17. In my fridge: Give us a glimpse into the state of your fridge.
18. Price: Snap a price, on an ad, a tag or somewhere else.
19. Underneath: Snap a photo of something underneath. Simple.
20. Man-made: The opposite to natural, kinda. Take a photo of something man-made.
21. Sometimes: What’s something that happens sometimes in your life? Shoot it.
22. Up: Look up. Snap. Share.

23. Before bedtime: What’s the last thing you do before bedtime? Or in the hour before bedtime? Shoot it.
24. 3 things: Take a photo of three things {objects or otherwise}.
25. Frame: Take a photo of something within a frame.
26. Near: Take a photo of something near.
27. Love/Hate: Take a photo of something you love/hate. It would be done by take two photos and combining them in one using an app {like picframe}, or sharing two photos.
28. A good thing: Take a photo of a good thing {something you saw, something love etc}.
29. Errand: Take a photo of a errand you’ve done, or need to do, or something else did.
30. You, then: Take a photo of you from the past {think childhood or even last month!}.

Let's see how this pans out..
I'll be posting to Instagram :)
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At the end, I'll post all 30 days here!