Friday, August 31, 2012

Strange Wantings.

Short post tonight- not a whole lot going on here :)

Have you ever, for whatever reason, had an object that you had always wanted but didn't know why, or if you would even use it? So you dragged your feet getting one because why spend the money if you don't know if you'll ever use it.

I've been needing wanting one of those little cows that you put milk/creamer in and pour from that into tea/coffee.

Don't ask me why. I've honestly been jonesing to get one for as long as I can remember. 

What the heck would I do with it, you ask....

I have no idea.

But I finally got one!

Isn't he the cutest!

I'm so thankful that Eric doesn't even ask questions when I come home with weird stuff like this.

But he did have a good idea, to plant something in it, and if I could actually keep plant-like things alive, it would totally work, but I cannot keep plants alive. I've even killed a cactus or two.. ugh. (P.S.- that plant back there in the 2nd picture, yeah, it's barely alive, and I water it and give it sunlight and it's still on it's way out. )

Back on the subject- have any of you had something totally weird- like this little cow- that you felt you absolutely could not live without?

In Lucas news, we found out he likes puppets. And he's starting to giggle. And he's holding his head up a lot more, which  makes me totally happy. I would be stoked if he holds it up permanently before I go back to work! Fingers crossed, everyone.

I've also been thinking of writing a little guide. Of pregnancy and motherhood and all the things I wish people told me and all the little shortcuts I came up with for myself.... Any input would be awesome.

That's all for tonight- this weekend if Labor Day weekend with also happens to be my birthday (Sunday) I'll be a whopping 28 * Woo * so I might not get back on here til next week!

Have a wonderful night everyone!

Monday, August 27, 2012

50 years.

 Yesterday my family was invited to my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary at Tewksbury Country Club. It was an absolutely beautiful place! Bright flowers out front and a stunning piano when you walk in the front door. So pretty! Our little guy did pretty well being cooped up in a stroller for most of the party. Side note: he loves to be outside, stretched out on his little blue quilt wearing nothing but a diaper. That's probably why he's so much more tan than I am. (Honestly, check my instagram if you don't believe me)
Anyway- back to the location :)
This is the front of the building and the piano right when you walk in.
Pretty party decorations and cake. Always have to have a picture of cake!
The room we were in felt like it was 40 below zero so we were kind of freezing our butts off. Luckily I brought a few blankets for Lucas.. But unfortunately for my sister, she sat directly on the air conditioning vent.
Top Left: my pretty sister Top Right & Bottom Left: Little Lucas Bottom Right: Me and my Uncle Jimmy
While we were there we decided to try to get a few family pictures.. Lucas looks totally uninterested in looking at the camera, but was more than willing to try to eat his shirt.
All-in-all, not so bad. We tried. Maybe he'll cooperate once he's a little bit older.

Anyway, we had a nice time at the party. It was definitely a pretty location and a beautiful day.

On the way home, Eric and I were talking about when our 50th anniversary will be. 2058. Unreal. It seems so far away. We've been together for almost 12 years.
This picture was taken on my 16th birthday. One week later we started 'dating' and here we are, 12 years later, being parents to a little boy and talking about our 50th wedding anniversary. Who would've guessed!

My sister and I spent the last day of her summer vacation together since she starts high school tomorrow. I'm going to be so lonely without her. We've spent almost the entire summer together! I'm so glad she was able to spend so much time with me and Lucas.

That's all I have for tonight, have a wonderful night everyone!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

2 Months Old Already..

Okay, so it's been a few days and I'll be honest, I thought I would blog more since I'm home raising this awesome little guy I call my own.. but you know, I have a little guy to raise, so I apologize for not being more diligent about writing.

Little Lucas had his Two Month checkup at the doctor yesterday and my dad came home from Chicago so we had to pick him up at the Logan Express, so Eric, Lucas and I loaded into my car and we went to get my dad. We were running a tad late, so we brought dad to the doctor with us! At the doctor we were told that his growth is right on schedule and that he's learning and doing things that a 3-4 month old should be doing. The down side of the appointment was that it involved him receiving two shots and a little vaccine drink. The nurse came in and said that most kids don't like the drink, but our little Lucas will drink or eat anything with a different flavor from formula. He was licking his lips and looking for more after she finished giving it to him.. Then came the shots. Oh god. I can't even tell you how bad I felt when he got them. When she stabbed him with the first one, he made a face and was about to cry,  then she stabbed him with the second one, (which she said stings) and he proceeded to scream.. and scream.. and scream. Ok, thanks. Rip my heart out. The second shot also bruised his leg immediately. Poor little guy. Needless to say, he was traumatized and I had to rock him to sleep. The only good news is that he slept until 5:30 this morning and has been a peach ever since. What a champ!

I can't get enough of this kid. Seriously. How cute is he.
Grammy and Papa gave him his little Piggy up there which we cleverly named Piggy. Super creative mom I am, huh?
On that note, my sister and I made up this awesome frame for my digital polariod prints (since I got a new digital polaroid camera this summer). I love it. It looks like a clothesline!
We decorated all the clothespins (because why not). I also ordered some instagram prints which I will be adding to this collage once they get delivered!

This is our attempt at a self family portrait. Haha. Lucas is totally uninterested. Eh. What can you do!

But tomorrow we're going to celebrate my aunt and uncle's 50th wedding anniversary with a Brunch at a country club. 
We're all dressing nicely so I'm hoping there will be at least one opportunity to get a picture of the three of us before we leave the house. I'm contemplating bringing a change of clothes incase Lucas decided to have an upset tummy day and drool or spit up all over me.. (since that happened tonight already)..
This is his trial of his outfit for tomorrow.. What a super cool dude.
I love this kid's smiles!

Anyway, that's about all that's going on.. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures from this party/brunch! Keep your fingers crossed for us that the little guy feels good all day :)

Have a good night everyone!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Crepes and Scally Caps

So there's only one week until my sister goes back to school and I'm pretty sad about it. We've been spending almost every single day together this summer and now I'll be all lonely.. Well, not really, I'll still have Lucas, but as for adult-ish conversation goes, not so much. We've been taking a lot of walks and spending a lot of time with the little guy and I knew it was just a matter of time, but it still bums me out... And all this means that I'll have to go back to work soon, which bums me out even more! AAHH. I'm going to miss this little bean so much.

I've been doing a lot of Instagramming lately... Find me. I'm Jenmiller23. But be prepared to be bombarded with photos of my kid. Because honestly, I can't get enough of him!

Well. Today my sister and I went to drop my dad off. He's off to Chicago for a bit and he needed a ride to catch a bus to then catch a plane. Pshew. But we were around the mall so we decided it would be a good idea to go get some crepes and gelato.. mmm.. So delish! She had never had a crepe before, and actually, had never tried gelato, so clearly I convinced her to get both. Clearly a good decision.

We also found this awesome scally cap so that Lucas can be just like his daddy who always wears a scally every day.

That was out adventure today- the last picture up there is Lucas all ready for bed. I love his pj's so I thought I'd post a little pic of him in them :)

Have a wonderful night everyone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I guess I've been reflecting on some things lately.

I am me. Love me or hate me, at least I know I'm always going to be myself. I may grow and change as new experiences- good and bad- happen, but I'll always be the person I want to be. I won't be fake, I will treat people how they treat me. I don't think that I know everything, but I like to think that if someone needs any advice and if I've been through their situation, I'll give them my honest opinion.

I don't think I'm stating what I want to say correctly.

I've been tired. I've been used. I've been lied to. I've been lied about. I've been there for someone who was never there for me. I've been there for someone who I knew couldn't be there for me. I've helped, I've hugged, I've consoled without any request for the same in return. I've made my experiences sound harder than they were so I didn't sound like my life is perfect.  But you know, life is pretty perfect right now. I know who is there for me now. I know who I want in my life. I know that not everyone will like me. I'm absolutely fine with that. I know I won't like everyone. And I'm A-OK with that too.

Life became like a little game. My life isn't a game anymore. I have this little guy that requires my love, my attention, my complete honesty, 24 hours a day. I want the best for him so why wouldn't I want the best for myself..?

This might sound a little depressing, but I promise that's not my intention. I've just learned a lot in the past few months/years. I've learned what I want and what I don't. I've learned how I want to feel and how I want to be treated. That's pretty much the point of this. A reminder to not get caught up in others' crap, physical or emotional. And I'm not saying that if someone needs me that I won't be there for them, I'm just being selective of who I'll be there for.

On to happier subjects! Lucas has been smiling and giggling sooo much more. It totally lifts my heart every time he does it! It's amazing. And he's already such an outdoor boy. He's also reaching new octaves when he 'talks'. He just yelled at me, very loudly. I'm just enjoying every single moment with him! It's unbelievable that he'll be 8 weeks old on Saturday! He's already grown so much. I just can't wait for him to be able to hold his head up!

That's about all for now.

Oh! Enjoy this little photo that I was talking about!

Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Weeks

This post was meant to be for 6 weeks, but I'm a little behind.

My sister and I went to the Outlet mall with Lucas about a week ago. We were just going to walk around and maybe pick up some Converse sneakers, which, if you know us, we are in almost every day of our lives. She happened to find some silver sparkly sneakers and I didn't find any for myself. Unfortunately. Wicked bummer.
I'm pretty convinced that our kid is already cooler than us.

I'm having a photo shoot that involves these shoes in the near future too. Pretty excited about it.

But on the '6-weeks-and-learning-new-stuff' stuff, Lucas has been smiling a ton more. He even giggles sometimes. It's pretty excellent. He's also keeping his head up for a lot longer and has been able to follow people and objects with his eyes. He recognizes noises (but still doesn't really startle or for that matter wake up when there are loud noises) so that's been pretty good. He's a miserable kid if he doesn't get to go outside at least a little bit every day and he's starting to like tub time every night. He's also been falling asleep on his own and without the binkie, so that's been a huge help too. Last night, he slept from 7:45pm until 2:25am and really only woke up to eat and for a diaper change (which also included a sheet and outfit change too *yuck*). He's such a good little boy and always has so much to say too. He also gets mad if you ignore him for too long. Spoiled.

And I think he hates his new hat that I got him (on the same day I got him those awesome shoes).
I think it's pretty cute and he looks pretty content here, but I think deep down he hates it. And probably hates me after I did this to him.....

Yeah, that really happened.
But honestly, how could I resist? He used to be tiny. Like, fit in preemie onesies tiny. But then he grew. And grew. And I looked at him, and looked at this outfit and convinced myself that it would be okay to put him in it, because, you know, it won't fit much longer. So I did. And he's soooo going to hate me when he's older.

I have 5 weeks until I go back to work. And I'm dreading it. Honestly. I don't want to go back. Not even a little. I'm going to miss this guy so much. I can't think about it anymore. Ugh!

That's about all for today.

Have a wonderful day!