Friday, August 10, 2012

6 Weeks

This post was meant to be for 6 weeks, but I'm a little behind.

My sister and I went to the Outlet mall with Lucas about a week ago. We were just going to walk around and maybe pick up some Converse sneakers, which, if you know us, we are in almost every day of our lives. She happened to find some silver sparkly sneakers and I didn't find any for myself. Unfortunately. Wicked bummer.
I'm pretty convinced that our kid is already cooler than us.

I'm having a photo shoot that involves these shoes in the near future too. Pretty excited about it.

But on the '6-weeks-and-learning-new-stuff' stuff, Lucas has been smiling a ton more. He even giggles sometimes. It's pretty excellent. He's also keeping his head up for a lot longer and has been able to follow people and objects with his eyes. He recognizes noises (but still doesn't really startle or for that matter wake up when there are loud noises) so that's been pretty good. He's a miserable kid if he doesn't get to go outside at least a little bit every day and he's starting to like tub time every night. He's also been falling asleep on his own and without the binkie, so that's been a huge help too. Last night, he slept from 7:45pm until 2:25am and really only woke up to eat and for a diaper change (which also included a sheet and outfit change too *yuck*). He's such a good little boy and always has so much to say too. He also gets mad if you ignore him for too long. Spoiled.

And I think he hates his new hat that I got him (on the same day I got him those awesome shoes).
I think it's pretty cute and he looks pretty content here, but I think deep down he hates it. And probably hates me after I did this to him.....

Yeah, that really happened.
But honestly, how could I resist? He used to be tiny. Like, fit in preemie onesies tiny. But then he grew. And grew. And I looked at him, and looked at this outfit and convinced myself that it would be okay to put him in it, because, you know, it won't fit much longer. So I did. And he's soooo going to hate me when he's older.

I have 5 weeks until I go back to work. And I'm dreading it. Honestly. I don't want to go back. Not even a little. I'm going to miss this guy so much. I can't think about it anymore. Ugh!

That's about all for today.

Have a wonderful day!

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