Monday, October 7, 2013

A color run

On Sunday, my sister and I did a color run. if you want to look it up. It was the best time. I was nervous we were going to be last (me being 5 months pregnant and all) but we weren't and it really wouldn't have mattered much anyway. It was so much fun. I would really like to do it again next year!!
I'm posting via my phone, so sorry if the format is all screwed up! Hopefully the pics are below!!

In Luke news, I was laying on the floor trying to see of Eric could feel the baby kicking (he was super active tonight) and Luke came over, put his head on my tummy and said "baby". It was pretty adorable.

And sometimes if you ask him what animals say (ie. What does a dog say? He'll answer "woof") if you slip in a "what does mumma say?" He'll reply with "no, no, no, no, no."
Apparently I tell him no a lot. Ah kids! Too funny.

That's all I've got for tonight. Going to work on some etsy orders, a baby blanket for a friend then try to sleep.... which has not been coming easily lately...

Have a great night everyone!!!

P.s. check out the sweet blue unibrow on that sister of mine!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Apple picking.. and some news.

So, I'm terrible. Horrible at this whole blogging thing.

Honestly, I've had good intentions. I keep meaning to log on and write, but then I just don't.

My etsy store has been keeping me pretty busy, I just sent out 6 orders this morning.

But let's move past the fact that I haven't posted since June.

We found out a few days before father's day that we're going to have another baby! On Sept 18th we found out that we're having a boy. Another little goofy to try to keep up with. We're so excited!

So needless to say, I've been a little busy around here.

A few Saturdays ago, we took Luke apple picking. My brother came home from college so he could go with us too. We all had a really great time. I think Luke ate about 4 apples that day. 

Probably going to be our Christmas Card.... I mean, how cute is this!
 At the apple orchard, we also took Luke to feed some goats. He had a blast. He keep giggling when the goat would eat out of his hand.

This little boy has grown up so much in the past 15 months, I can't even believe it. Sometimes I'm surprised at all that he knows.
He knows when I tell him things are trash to put them in the trash. He knows to bring his dirty socks to the washing machine. He likes to sweep. And eat apples. He loves fruit. He has an opinion about what he'd like to eat, and wear, and watch and play with. He's just amazing to me.

I can't wait for our new little guy to arrive to see how Luke will react to not being the center of attention all the time. I'm sure he's going to be a great big brother.

Rambling done. Good night, everyone!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So I want you all to know, I did get my cara box. It's amazing! 

I need to make a post on it but Luke's first birthday is tomorrow. So I'm a little swamped.

And he decided he was going to start walking....

And I'm exhausted.

But I promise I'll post soon!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A little selfish

This morning I woke up to "Muh Muh muhhhhh" and "ah! Mama!" coming from Luke's room at 5:30. Which totally means he was up waaaay before I heard him. But that's Luke, my early bird. Awake with the sun. So I dragged myself out of bed and reluctantly went to shower (before my alarm went off) which I do every day of the week. But today, after my shower and slight mental pep-talk convincing myself that I should go to work and not stay home all day, I didn't go get Luke up out of bed. It's 6:23 and he's now silent. Which either means he's harboring slight almost-a-1-year-old resentment or that he fell back asleep. I'm thinking the latter, but really, I don't know. So yeah I'm a little selfish right now, blogging about this, taking a few minutes to myself while my house is quiet, before starting another long day at work.... Sometimes, it's worth it. Soon (like the second I hit publish on this entry) I will get Luke up and ready for grandma camp and ill whisk him away to the car and another day will start.

But this was nice. Being able to collect my thoughts.

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. Luke's going to be 1 in a week and a half. When did this happen!?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cara Box and Being Graceful

Cara Box Exchange.

So over on wifessionals blog there is this blogger exchange called Cara Box. This month I decided I would join up. As I've mentioned before I wanted a pen pal and this seemed like a great way to get to know some other people in the blogging world.

Here's the button if you're interested in joining next month's exchange

Cara Box

I'm excited to get to know some new bloggers this way!

In other news, I fell down the last two stairs on the middle flight down from my front door. While heading out for a run. While carrying Luke. Ugh. Thankfully I didn't fall fall, but I did catch my foot on one stair and bent it in a way it's not supposed to bend. Lets see how many shades of purple it is tomorrow because I still went for a jog. Silly. 

4 more months until my 5k and I'm planning on running the whole thing. Hopefully I can accomplish that!

That's about all. Nothing new. Although I just made up a diaper 4-wheeler tonight. 

Have a wonderful night everyone!

Dear Lucas

 Dear Lucas,

I can't even believe you are going to be 1 in a few weeks. Your dad and I look at the pictures of you when you were a tiny baby and cannot believe how much you've grown in only 1 year. You're so smart and you make me laugh so much. Don't worry about not walking all the time, you'll get there. I know you practice every day so one day you'll just wake up and I won't be able to catch up with you. I love how you know what you want. When you want it. Sometimes it gets me and your dad a little frustrated when we're trying to finish up dinner and you're screaming because you want to play. But last night, we surprised you with strawberries and whipped cream and you had a ball. I hope I never forget how you laughed when I put a dollop of whip cream on your tongue. I'm so happy that you learned how to drink out of a straw. That totally made my day. Now if we go places, you can share my drink! I love that when you hand me things you'll say thank you and how when we go in the morning you say "Go! Go! Go!" and how you choose biscotti over any other cookie in the bucket. Sometimes me and your dad get a little stern with you. Hopefully you'll learn to understand it's because we love you very much and we don't want to see you get hurt. Plus, when you laugh at us after we say no, we get a little upset. We love that you're an outside boy and you know when you're tired and when you want a bath. You have an awesome sense of humor and I'm so glad you're our little boy. I hope you continue to be the cool dude that you are.

Happy almost birthday, baby.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Just Plain Rambling

So lately I've been really toying with the idea of setting up a table/booth somewhere to sell my handmade goodies. It's kind of hard though because there are like 10 million things I want to be able to sell. I've been making up bows and selling them for charity, but since I can't really promote too much at work, I've only made $46.50. It's kind of a bummer but it's still better than nothing. And my town has a Community Fest but tables start at $50. I feel like I would need to spend every day from today until the actual Fest making up stuff and that kind of stresses me out.

But I really have so many ideas.

This is all rambling. But I kind of wanted to get it down, so please bear with me.

This is what - in my perfect world- my table would consist of:
1- Bows
2- Baby Blankets
3- Stuffed toys
4- Framed Photographs
5- Hand Bags
6- Diaper cakes
7- Baked Goods.
- all of these things are so different-

So I'm still torn.

But I love making baby blankets. So if you would like to order one, please let me know!!

In other news.
Last night, Luke took 4-5 steps to walk to Eric. That's big news in my house! He's been so timid to let go and walk (he'll stand without holding on for minutes at a time.) Also, he's officially weaned himself off of the bottle. And no more baby food. He scrapes it off his tongue and says "done!" He's growing up soo soo fast. It's crazy. Next month he'll be 1. Am I even ready to say that?!

And because ever post is better with a pic (or 5)

Me and my sis. Love this girl. We make each other crazy, but at the end of the day, all you have is your family. <3

13 years we'll be together. Love him more every day.

Friday, April 26, 2013

20 wishes update

This is my updated list for 20 wishes in 2013

1. Take at least two movies of my little guy.  I have taken more than 2. He's a silly guy!
2. Sign up and run a 5K. 1/2 done- signed up. Run is in October!!
3. Learn Lightroom and Paint Shop better. Work in Progress....
4. Go to The Pickle Haus for a sandwich (been saying it for 3 years now)
5. Make it to 50 followers... fingers crossed guys
6. Meet my goal weight. (-3 lbs since Saturday, so that's a start!)
7. Clean and organize my desk (honestly guys, it might take a whole year)
8. Add things to my etsy store. Added Bows for Boston!! All proceeds to go One Fund Boston.
9. Start making Holiday decorations for the house since now we have someone who will love them!
10. Come up with my own recipe for dinner
11. Kind of goes with #2 and get my mile time down to 9minsGot it to 8:53
12. Go through my attic and either donate or get rid of most of the stuff up there.
13. Get unique lenses for my camera. Got a Holga Lens and a 28-135= LOVE
14. Organize my kitchen so it doesn't look like a bomb went off all the time.
15. Get professional family photos taken.
16. Volunteer. For something. Charity, because someone needs help, just help. One Fund Boston- proceeds from the bows I'm making and selling
17. Keep up with organizing my photos of Lucas. I know later on he'll appreciate it.
18. Ride my bike. (I'm totally bad at it.) Been a few times. Going to go more!
19. Save more money. Set up separate savings accts to keep track of funds!
20. Hand-in-hand with #19- stop buying craft supplies and/or use up the ones I have before I buy new ones.. (I have an attic full. Gotta tell myself enough is enough.) HAHA just bought some more...... addicted.

Luke also turned 10 months on Tuesday. That means 2 more months til he's 1. I can't handle it. 
So far he's completely done with baby food. He wants nothing to do with it. He says "done!" when he doesn't want it or when he wants to get up. He's been standing for longer periods of time and I heard he took 2 steps the other day.. He likes peanut butter and jelly or fluff sandwiches and still enjoys bbq sauce and hot dogs. He loves matchbox cars and giving kisses to our feet. He's so smart and keeps testing his boundaries. He's giving me gray hair but his hugs and kisses totally make up for it.

That's all that's been going on. Make sure to stop by and support Bows for Boston on my etsy page.

See ya!

Friday, April 12, 2013

5K news

Hi Guys. Guess what. I started 5K training. I'm so pumped. Here's the deal. I'm not a runner. I never have been but I'm totally making myself into one. I can run a mile on the treadmill but since I signed up for my first 5K, I feel like maybe I should start practicing outside. So, I downloaded a little app called Couch25K and have started. It's 3 days/week of intervals that gradually get harder as you go (obviously, right). Yesterday was day 2. I feel better than I did on day 1. That says something right? Now I just need to figure out some weight training for the off days and an eating plan and I think I'll be well on my way to being able to run a 5k and lose some of this weight.

Not a whole lot going on lately, just found out two friends are pregnant so I'm patiently waiting to find out what they're having so I can start making up some baby things for them (pretty much my fave thing to make).

I also really need to organize all my craft stuff. Maybe purge a little. Go through my attic, get stuff ready for a yard sale. It's hard though, parting with stuff, I feel like I never know if I'll need it again (and why buy it if I already have it?).

Oh! I'm also shooting my first wedding in over a year and a half on the 27th. I'm excited but kind of panicking because it has been so so long, but I know that once the day gets here, I'll suck it up and get the job done!

I also deactivated my facebook. It was just becoming a hassle to deal with all the negativity on there. Do I really care what song on spotify you listened to? No. E-cards are funny, but they get boring. Everyone's drama was just too much for me to deal with. I love my life, my little family. Isn't that what I should be focusing on. And if anyone wants to see updates of Lucas, they can always check in...

Have a great day everyone.

Friday, March 29, 2013

9 months.

I notice lately that I have been taking photos of Luke primarily with my phone. It is definitely not the best quality but seems to be within reach whenever I need to snap a quick shot. I love my new DSLR that I got for Christmas from my two guys but it is definitely not for taking quick little snap shots. Thankfully I have a little fujifilm camera that just needed a battery charge.. Hopefully I'll be able to snag some more.

Things have been a little quiet lately so I thought I'd just jump on here for a minute and try to catch up.

Luke is 9 months old now. I may have mentioned, but on the day he turned 8 months at 5pm he started crawling. Yes- I remember the exact time. He was not crawling at 4:45, or even 4:55. At 5 pm on the dot, my dad held up the remote and Luke crawled across the room to get it. So that was kind of awesome.

Now he's 9 months. He eats 3 meals per day, is not a big fan of juice (hooray!), loves chicken and BBQ sauce, will devour a hot dog in no time, likes to eat off of a fork, wants to eat whatever I'm eating (which is a-ok with me, I don't mind sharing with him), loved Stuffed Pepper Casserole, oranges, noodles, broccoli, french fries, summer squash and can crawl super fast. He can stand up and walk along furniture and has been seen multiple times just standing without holding on to anything. He's so observant and wants to be involved in every conversation. He'll fake cough to get your attention and will now grab your chin if you're looking away so that you can look at his face and talk to him. He loves the swings and the see-saw. He still eats everything he finds on the floor, dust bunnies and rocks are not left behind. If you ask for a kiss, he'll give you one and sometimes he needs to just give kisses for no reason. He hollered when his auntie walked away because he didn't get to give her a kiss. He laughs for no reason, kind of like a chuckle. He'll say Num Num when he wants something to eat. He likes Snicker-doodles. He makes a stinky face. If you say cheese and point a camera at him, he'll show you all his teeth. And we gave him a haircut because his hair was in his eyes. He looks like such a big boy now. He's the light of our lives. 

I seriously could not ask for a better kid.

P.S. I'm working on my 20 wishes. I can knock a few things off at least. Maybe I'll get around to doing a post on it soon :)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My life in pictures (lately)

Lucas learned how to give kisses. It's pretty much the best feeling in the world.
And he likes BBQ sauce and Orange Juice. And anything with good flavor, like tacos and stir fry.
He learned how to crawl on his 8th month birthday and hasn't stopped since.
And he just learned that he can pull himself up and walk along the furniture. Which means we're in BIG trouble.

Wish us luck.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy 2013!

So, uh, Happy New year.....? You know, it's only January 17th. Only a little late.

But hey, I do what I can.

So guys, it's 2013 already. For real. Lucas is going to be 7 months old next week. That again is for real. Everything is just going by much too fast.

Let's start with Christmas. It was awesome. Lucas was so so good and loved everything and has literally played with everything he got so far. Puppets and an awesome dinosaur ball popper, some teething things and a bunch of trucks. Gotta love little boy toys!

Drool - story of our lives right now.
Oh and that telephone. you see it? Yeah, that's what he liked the best on Christmas morning.

But this guy got his mumma a new camera. To take picture of him. Because that's all I've used it for so far! 

Then New Years came and went. No big happenings there. 

But honestly, I'm welcoming 2013 with open arms. It's going to be a good year. Eric and I will be together for 13 years in September and married for 5. Lucas will be 1 in June (I know, right?!)

But the whole reason for this post is what I plan to do with 2013.
2013 = The year of paying it forward.
Why, you ask. Well let me tell you.
Before Christmas, Mom, Lucas and I were in the store getting some groceries. I had a bunch to put in the car, plus the little guy so I headed to the car. Well as I'm loading the trunk and making faces at Lucas, this man walked up to me. First of all, I was a little freaked out. I didn't know him. He was approaching me and my child. I was a little hesitant to turn around. 
So he came to me and put a dollar in my hand and said "Please take this, put it in a savings account for your son, and if you don't have an account, make one and make sure you put this dollar in it for him."
Did that really just happen?
I said "Sir, you really don't need to do that."
"Please take it. I want you to save it for him. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year"
as he was walking away I shouted my "Thank you so much, that was so kind."
He got in a van with another man and they rolled down their windows as they passed me and yelled "Merry Christmas!!!!"
In awe of what an amazing selfless act that was, I managed to get Lucas buckled in the car but could not get that off my mind.
I has left my carriage behind my car while I was buckling him in because I knew my mom would be out and we could just put both of our carriages away. Well, the next thing I knew, a woman breezed by my car and grabbed my carriage to put away (she didn't even have one to put away from her own shopping).
I yelled "That was so sweet, thank you so much!"
Lady: "You have your hands full right now, take care of that little boy!"
Does it get any nicer! I think not.

So that's my story.
I feel like all of us might take the things we have and the people we have in our lives for granted. It really is the little things in life that matter the most.
Do nice things for others. Whether it be people you know or people you don't know. Sometimes you find another person in the world that you just connect with on some level. Sometimes you just have to make someone smile. That might be all that they need. It's not a hand out, it's a gut feeling that you want to do something for someone else because it'll make that person a little lighter, feel a little better, and maybe that person will even pay it forward too.

It has already made me feel better inside to know that I helped to make someone else's day happier.

Pay it forward, guys. :)

Here's hoping this little guy makes you smile today!