Tuesday, July 31, 2012

5 Weeks

It's so unbelievable that Lucas is already 5 weeks old. It still doesn't even feel like I had him, it just feels like he's always been here. 

They say that you never really know what love is until you have a child. I think that it's partially true. I think that you know what love is when you find that one person in the world that you're compatible with above and beyond everyone else and that you couldn't imagine living your life without, but, having a child, that's a different kind of love. Every time I look at this little boy, my heart swells. It's unreal to think that he's a part of me and a part of Eric. I'm amazed at how much I am totally head over heels in love with him. Even on the days when all he does is cry (and there have only been one or two of those) I never feel any less love for him. It breaks my heart when he cries because he's in pain (tummy issues) and there's nothing I can do to help him.

I'm so glad that he arrived when he did. I think I was mentally and physically prepared to be a mommy to him. He's our little bean and I can't remember what life was like without him.

This weekend was pretty uneventful for us. Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing and Sunday we did about the same. I think we're both waiting for this little guy to be just a little bit older before we take him to the beach or anywhere too far away. I'd rather he be able to hold his head up a little more before we take him somewhere like that. I feel like it might make me think he's just a little bit less fragile.

We're both waiting for the days where he'll be a little ticklish and smile at us when he's awake and not only when he's sleeping. He's been chatting so much lately and it's so cute. It's so funny that after I change him, he loves to just lay there and talk. He gets bored easily though, so it's been a little bit of a challenge to get him to realize that he can't get up and walk/play/sit up yet and I know he gets frustrated. He's been lifting his head a lot more, so that's fun. 

Two nights ago I put him in his crib for the night for the first time. I really wanted to get him in there so that we wouldn't have that transition period from when babies usually go from sleeping in their parents room to sleeping in their crib. In our house, he's been sleeping in his own room, but in the bassinet part of the pack and play. Unfortunately, he was getting way too tall for that and I definitely had to get him to a place where he had more room. He's been doing so well, so I can't see there being any issues with 'transition.'

That's all that's going on in my world. Hoping for a "play date" with baby Olivia later this week as long as the weather holds out.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 1 Month, Lucas

Our little boy turned 1 month today. It's so crazy. Honestly, it is completely flying by. All I keep thinking about is when I go back to work, how sad I'm going to be. I am absolutely loving being home with him, watching him grow and learn new things and be the nosy little boy he is. 

He's a little like Pavlov's dog right now, meaning every time I put the burp cloth under his chin, he knows he's going to be fed. Which, all in all, is a wonderful thing. Knowing that he knows when it's time to eat is wonderful and it helps to calm him down before he starts to chow.

So far, walks and car rides have proved to calm him down. Yesterday, Eric and I took a super long walk with him (with me getting sunburnt in the process) and it totally put him to sleep for a while which was nice. Today we went to my work to visit and he was a little tiny bit fussy, but nothing major, then we went to the store... So needless to say, he hasn't really napped today. I'm hoping he won't be up all night, he kept fighting it when we tried to get him down for a nap and he was SO overtired it was making him really irritated. Poor little Bean.

We go to the doctor tomorrow which is awesome so we can see how much weight be put on since the last visit and hopefully get some answers to our questions. He's been fussy due to gas and we put him on sensitive formula, which only seems to help every 2 days. Hm, I'd be a grump too if my tummy didn't feel good for days.

At the Hospital

I definitely know he has put on some weight, look at his little double chin! AHH! I can't stand how stinkin' cute he is!

It has absolutely been a blast being home with him. This week his Grammy (my mom) has the week off, so we're planning to go on a shopping trip tomorrow. Let's just hope that his crazy sleeping today doesn't affect tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Love wall art

So a while back I came across a tutorial for string wall art here. I fell in love with it but I didn't necessarily want it to say 'dream' so I decided to make my own. I wanted mine to say Love.

The tutorial says to find linoleum nails, but after going to Lowes, I could not find them so I just got regular size 18, 5/8" nails and those seemed to do the trick. I also didn't want to glue cork together, so I just bought one cork board the size that I wanted and painted it white which I found to be a lot easier.

Here's the finished product.

I love it... I just need to find a wall to hang it.

I also did the letter M for our last name which is going to hang over a phone jack that's in the wall that we're never going to use.

So that's the wall art I made. Nothing major, but it felt nice to get something accomplished while I am home with Lucas for 12 weeks. Hopefully I'll make up some more stuff soon.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three weeks

So, lately, we've had a fussy baby. We've changed his formula to the Sensitive stuff. He seems to like it better but I think he's still having tummy issues. Poor Luke. Luckily he goes to the doctor next Tuesday so I can ask all my questions and tell the doctor all poor baby's issues.

I've been working on some wall art in my spare time. I have no pictures of it yet, but I'm hoping to soon.

Basically, this post is a post to say I'll be posting more soon. Sorry for the lack of information, but this is the first time I've had a second to myself all day, since he's fussy and overtired and has just fallen asleep for any length of time since 7:45am.

All in all, being a mommy has made me has made me more patient. I'm with this little guy all day long and he gets quite fussy, but there's no yelling, no pulling out my hair, it's all about how to get him to settle down and not be so unhappy.

He's also learned how to yell. Loudly.

And he has tiny nightmares which scare the crap out of me, but I'm hoping it's only a phase. 

I can't believe he's almost a month old already. Time is passing too quickly, but not quickly enough out of this little fussy phase.

For now, I'll just enjoy the fact that sometimes, he just needs his mumma. And I'll always be right here for him when he needs me.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since our little dude was born. It hasn't all been sunshine and unicorns. Not that it has been horrible, but it has definitely been exhausting. Everyone always says "sleep when they sleep" but, for the most part, I'm not one that can usually do that. The first week, when he would take his first nap, I would try to get some sleep too, but lately, when he sleeps, I've been keeping busy. I'm a little tired, but not enough to actually fall asleep.

Today, he has been awake for most of the day. Which I'm hoping is not an indication of how the night will be because last time he did this, he was up ALL night.

For the most part, he has been such a good little guy. He's already grown so much in two weeks, it's crazy! He was so tiny last week, he was fitting into preemie onesies. I tried to put one of them on him today and it barely covered his belly button (which needs to fall off any time now)! Ahh my little man!

Today, he totally giggled in his sleep. I can't wait til he's giggling at us when he's awake!

That's about all for now...