Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three weeks

So, lately, we've had a fussy baby. We've changed his formula to the Sensitive stuff. He seems to like it better but I think he's still having tummy issues. Poor Luke. Luckily he goes to the doctor next Tuesday so I can ask all my questions and tell the doctor all poor baby's issues.

I've been working on some wall art in my spare time. I have no pictures of it yet, but I'm hoping to soon.

Basically, this post is a post to say I'll be posting more soon. Sorry for the lack of information, but this is the first time I've had a second to myself all day, since he's fussy and overtired and has just fallen asleep for any length of time since 7:45am.

All in all, being a mommy has made me has made me more patient. I'm with this little guy all day long and he gets quite fussy, but there's no yelling, no pulling out my hair, it's all about how to get him to settle down and not be so unhappy.

He's also learned how to yell. Loudly.

And he has tiny nightmares which scare the crap out of me, but I'm hoping it's only a phase. 

I can't believe he's almost a month old already. Time is passing too quickly, but not quickly enough out of this little fussy phase.

For now, I'll just enjoy the fact that sometimes, he just needs his mumma. And I'll always be right here for him when he needs me.

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