Monday, July 9, 2012

Two Weeks

It's been two weeks since our little dude was born. It hasn't all been sunshine and unicorns. Not that it has been horrible, but it has definitely been exhausting. Everyone always says "sleep when they sleep" but, for the most part, I'm not one that can usually do that. The first week, when he would take his first nap, I would try to get some sleep too, but lately, when he sleeps, I've been keeping busy. I'm a little tired, but not enough to actually fall asleep.

Today, he has been awake for most of the day. Which I'm hoping is not an indication of how the night will be because last time he did this, he was up ALL night.

For the most part, he has been such a good little guy. He's already grown so much in two weeks, it's crazy! He was so tiny last week, he was fitting into preemie onesies. I tried to put one of them on him today and it barely covered his belly button (which needs to fall off any time now)! Ahh my little man!

Today, he totally giggled in his sleep. I can't wait til he's giggling at us when he's awake!

That's about all for now...

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