Tuesday, June 26, 2012

He's Here!

Little Bean is FINALLY here!

And he's perfect in every way.

So, everyone, meet Lucas.

This honestly was the best, easiest pregnancy EVER. It flew by. I was only uncomfortable the last few days and mainly that was because I was in labor since Thursday. I still worked a half day on Friday, left at noon and was admitted at 2:30 then he arrived at 7:30a.m. Saturday.

I mean, easiest pregnancy ever, fastest delivery of the year and best recovery so far definitely does not mean that I haven't been in pain or have had any bumps along the way. I feel like we've just waited for him for so long, that all the aches and pains and epidurals not working and contractions from Thursday til Saturday morning and bruised arms and hands and back and stitches and headaches and no sleep for 2 1/2 days, all that I just mentioned, doesn't seem to matter in the long run. 

So, with all that being said, I've definitely been through one of the most, I don't want to say traumatic, but all-in-all really it is traumatic, things that a body can go through. I suppose I am amazed at myself and how much stronger I am than I thought I ever could be. I still feel squishy and sore but nothing is going to keep me away from doing things with this cute kid we call finally call ours. Let's hope my body bounces back sooner than expected, that would be pretty awesome. 

For now, that's all. Maybe I'll have more to say soon, but I'm off to hang out with my smiley 3 day old little guy.

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