Friday, April 26, 2013

20 wishes update

This is my updated list for 20 wishes in 2013

1. Take at least two movies of my little guy.  I have taken more than 2. He's a silly guy!
2. Sign up and run a 5K. 1/2 done- signed up. Run is in October!!
3. Learn Lightroom and Paint Shop better. Work in Progress....
4. Go to The Pickle Haus for a sandwich (been saying it for 3 years now)
5. Make it to 50 followers... fingers crossed guys
6. Meet my goal weight. (-3 lbs since Saturday, so that's a start!)
7. Clean and organize my desk (honestly guys, it might take a whole year)
8. Add things to my etsy store. Added Bows for Boston!! All proceeds to go One Fund Boston.
9. Start making Holiday decorations for the house since now we have someone who will love them!
10. Come up with my own recipe for dinner
11. Kind of goes with #2 and get my mile time down to 9minsGot it to 8:53
12. Go through my attic and either donate or get rid of most of the stuff up there.
13. Get unique lenses for my camera. Got a Holga Lens and a 28-135= LOVE
14. Organize my kitchen so it doesn't look like a bomb went off all the time.
15. Get professional family photos taken.
16. Volunteer. For something. Charity, because someone needs help, just help. One Fund Boston- proceeds from the bows I'm making and selling
17. Keep up with organizing my photos of Lucas. I know later on he'll appreciate it.
18. Ride my bike. (I'm totally bad at it.) Been a few times. Going to go more!
19. Save more money. Set up separate savings accts to keep track of funds!
20. Hand-in-hand with #19- stop buying craft supplies and/or use up the ones I have before I buy new ones.. (I have an attic full. Gotta tell myself enough is enough.) HAHA just bought some more...... addicted.

Luke also turned 10 months on Tuesday. That means 2 more months til he's 1. I can't handle it. 
So far he's completely done with baby food. He wants nothing to do with it. He says "done!" when he doesn't want it or when he wants to get up. He's been standing for longer periods of time and I heard he took 2 steps the other day.. He likes peanut butter and jelly or fluff sandwiches and still enjoys bbq sauce and hot dogs. He loves matchbox cars and giving kisses to our feet. He's so smart and keeps testing his boundaries. He's giving me gray hair but his hugs and kisses totally make up for it.

That's all that's been going on. Make sure to stop by and support Bows for Boston on my etsy page.

See ya!

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