Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cara Box and Being Graceful

Cara Box Exchange.

So over on wifessionals blog there is this blogger exchange called Cara Box. This month I decided I would join up. As I've mentioned before I wanted a pen pal and this seemed like a great way to get to know some other people in the blogging world.

Here's the button if you're interested in joining next month's exchange

Cara Box

I'm excited to get to know some new bloggers this way!

In other news, I fell down the last two stairs on the middle flight down from my front door. While heading out for a run. While carrying Luke. Ugh. Thankfully I didn't fall fall, but I did catch my foot on one stair and bent it in a way it's not supposed to bend. Lets see how many shades of purple it is tomorrow because I still went for a jog. Silly. 

4 more months until my 5k and I'm planning on running the whole thing. Hopefully I can accomplish that!

That's about all. Nothing new. Although I just made up a diaper 4-wheeler tonight. 

Have a wonderful night everyone!


  1. I hope your foot is better soon, hopefully it was not too painful while running? Good for you on doing a 5k, that is awesome and inspiring!

    1. It felt fine while running. Terrible right now :(

      I'm so excited for the 5k. I've never been a runner so this is kind of huge for me to even attempt!

  2. Hi Jen, sorry to hear about your foot. Thank goodness neither of you were hurt. I never ran a 5k although I always wanted to. I've taken up biking and walking, it's much easier on my creaky knee joints. Give yourself time to heal so you don't inflict more pain on yourself. I admire your motivation.

    Barbara @

    1. Falling down the stairs probably happens every few months. It's ridiculous but it is what it is. Haha. Just scared me this time because I had luke. Thankfully it's feeling much better today! Hopefully I'm 100% by next week so I can start running again.
      Thank you so much!


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