Thursday, November 8, 2012

20 in '13.

I seem to be taking a bit of inspiration from Kristine over at The Foley Fam
She's co-hosting

She keeps coming up with some great ideas.  Honestly everyone, who doesn't like making a list every once in a while (especially if it's full of goals for the upcoming year!)
Truly Lovely

So here It is, my list for 2013.

1. Take at least two movies of my little guy.
2. Sign up and run a 5K.
3. Learn Lightroom and Paint Shop better.
4. Go to The Pickle Haus for a sandwich (been saying it for 3 years now)
5. Make it to 50 followers... fingers crossed guys
6. Meet my goal weight. (-3 lbs since Saturday, so that's a start!)
7. Clean and organize my desk (honestly guys, it might take a whole year)
8. Add things to my etsy store
9. Start making Holiday decorations for the house since now we have someone who will love them!
10. Come up with my own recipe for dinner
11. Kind of goes with #2 and get my mile time down to 9mins.
12. Go through my attic and either donate or get rid of most of the stuff up there.
13. Get unique lenses for my camera.
14. Organize my kitchen so it doesn't look like a bomb went off all the time.
15. Get professional family photos taken.
16. Volunteer. For something. Charity, because someone needs help, just help.
17. Keep up with organizing my photos of Lucas. I know later on he'll appreciate it.
18. Ride my bike. (I'm totally bad at it.)
19. Save more money.
20. Hand-in-hand with #19- stop buying craft supplies and/or use up the ones I have before I buy new ones.. (I have an attic full. Gotta tell myself enough is enough.)

So feel free to head on over to link up!!!
Share in the comments, even if you only have one wish/goal for '13!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Great list! It's gonna be a fun year! : )

  2. Jen! What a great list! I love your photography related wishes, the lenses, using lightroom better! As well as using up your craft supplies... I need to do that too! Thanks for linking with us! Hope you'll stick it out so we can watch you mark these off!!! ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

    1. Thank you so much! Hopefully I'll get every single one checked off :)

  3. Hey there! I love your wishes. It's a good reminder to not just make goals at new year...

    And new follower :)


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