Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life as we know it

So life has been a little hectic lately. Two under two is taking its toll on us. Luke is now 20 months and Zach will be 1 month old on Friday. Time is flying. I had A flu type bug last week that I'm still feeling effects from. I only have 8 1/2 more weeks on maternity leave, the temperature is still below freezing and all I'm longing for is warmer weather.

Eric and I recently got invited to a wedding. A destination wedding of sorts. In NH. I've been going back and forth on whether or not we should leave the kids and get away for a weekend. My mom offered to hang with the kiddos for the weekend (it's in June, right before Luke turns 2 and Zach will be almost 5 months) and part of me feels guilty because Zach will probably still get up in the night and who wants to make someone else get up in the night with your kid? But she said she doesn't care so we decided to take the opportunity and book our weekend. Pretty pumped about it! Kid free for a whole weekend! 

But back to hectic life. Luke's been kind of clingy lately. He has never been attached to me. I was always just the constant factor that was around, but he never runs to me or begs for me, he's always been a daddy's boy. Which I'm ok with. But lately he's wanted me. Which is nice. He doesn't get jealous when I hold the baby, which I thought he would, he just needs me around. He's been waking up crying for me. I asked him how his nap was yesterday and he burst into tears. Break my heart, little boy.

Zach's kind of an independent. If I hold him too much he gets cranky. If I don't hold him enough, he gets cranky. He used to cry. A lot. But we figured out he was having painful gas and have added drops to his bottles and he's SO much happier. He's been cooing and making eye contact lately. We're trying to get him on a nightly schedule along with his brother so they both recognize that after bath it's bed time (Luke has been on this schedule since he was 2 months old) but now with two, we need to start it a little earlier. It's been working out so far. Zach takes abath, then hangs out with daddy while Luke takes a bath then Luke goes to bed and we then try to get Zach to bed. It'll only get easier from here!

Got to hang out with these dudes all day yesterday.

But in me news, I lost 27 lbs after having the baby. I feel like I still need to lose 50. I signed up for the Warrior Dash which I'm pumped about but the date got moved up almost an entire month. It was June 28 and got moved to May 31. So I'm a little stressed that I won't be in the shape I was hoping to be in for it. But I guess I could always do it again next year. I've been dying to run. Like craving it. I want warmer weather so I can just go out and run.... And take the baby without worrying that he'll freeze to death. 

Hopefully soon.

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