Saturday, June 20, 2015

I'm totally the worst

I'm totally the worst at this blogging thing. I feel like I always want to blog a little something about the happenings around here but I never remember.

There are a few things that need to be documented forever.

The first of which is Lucas. For months he's been anticipating his birthday. "My birthday is in June" he would tell everyone. Then he said the following: "I'm going to ask Santa for my birthday gifts." Ok, were full believers of Santa in this house. I'm totally down with the big man in red breaking into my house on December 25 each and every year to leave some of the noisiest toys for my boys (ah! Rhymes!!) but now Santa for a birthday? Ok. I'm cool with that too. So after weeks and weeks of listening to how he'll ask Santa for his birthday presents - "I'm going to ask Santa for my birthday presents and I'm going to leave him a note on the kitchen table and leave carrots for the reindeer and pie for the party Santa and then he'll leave my presents"- but now imagine this sentence being spoken as fast as his little mouth would let him in a voice that is very close to Elmo. totes adorbs.- I have now been to 3 stores today for locate the exact presents he has asked Party Santa for.

I love a good surprise and if Party Santa will bring a little bit of joy to this boy's birthday, who am I to stop it, right?

Here's to all the moms and dads who do special little things to make their humans a little happier!

Now. Onto my dear Zachy aka: zacho, zach, smooshy, Muffin Truck [thanks Luke (banana whiskers) and dad (yogurt granola farts)] * my funny name is Snot* zacho whacko, blondie. He's my little love bug. He never leaves my side, wants to eat all day and still has a binky. Don't judge me too harshly. He doesn't have it all day. It's usually when he's tired and needs to relax. He doesn't have it when we go places, generally. But this dude has a screech that basically makes my ears bleed. His cry is no better. Honestly. I kick myself all the time about it but then he screams and I have to plug the noise hole when no amount of comforting will calm him. He's been talking so much today and has been getting his own sense of humor. He loves Borgelorp on Wally Kazam and we found him just watching and laughing the other day.

These two boys are so drastically different it's amazing to me.

Just a little glimpse into our life right now! Hopefully I'll remember to blog again soon!

*no photos today because I don't have space to download the google plus app*

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