Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Luke's 3!

My baby is 3.
Seriously guys. It doesn't feel like we've had this precious little dude for three years already but then again it feels like we've always had him in our lives.
So on this day of your birth, baby boy, I dedicate this post to you (and your brother, because your lives are so intertwined)
You've started the "why?" Phase. And daddy and I are going crazy. Haha. You ask if zach's awake, then immediately ask why. You ask why I don't want you to drop your cup on the floor even though in my first request not to drop your cup I had told you that I didn't want you to drop it because it would make a mess! You ask why. All. Day. Long.
We went to the Paper Store to find Father's Day gift. You were such a good boy, you listened to me when I said not to touch anything, you were polite and kind and then we made our way to the clearance room. Where you found a super soft kitty (which happen to be your all time favorite animal right now). This is our conversation:
L: "look mom, I found a kitty. It's SO soft and SO cute. You've got to come see."
M: "that's awesome Luke, but did you find a gift for Papa or Big Papa?"
L: "no. I found a kitty."
M: "that's great honey but I don't really think you need a kitty and you don't have enough stars (on your behavior chart) to get a toy from the store."
L: "maybe I'll just borrow it."
M: "you can't borrow things from the store. You'd have to buy things from the store."
L: "okay. Let's buy it."
M: "I don't think you need a kitty."
L: "maybe I'll just carry it for a minute."
Let me interject here. Dude's got me wrapped around his finger.
M: "what if I got you the kitty for your birthday? That will be my present to you."
L: "oh!!! That's a good idea!"
And here we are, 3 days later with a kitty. And party Santa showed up during the night and brought Luke's presents!

Luke came up with the idea of party Santa. He's been saying for months that he going to ask Santa for his birthday presents. I think we were all like "okay. Sure." But he's been adamant. "I'm going to ask Santa for my presents. I'm going to write him a note and leave it on the kitchen table and leave carrots for the reindeer and leave Santa some pie and then when I get up, I get presents." How do I not comply with that request. His elaborate plan of Party Santa.
So this morning, party Santa visited and left a few presents for Luke on the kitchen table. I've never seen him more excited.

It's the small things in life, people.

So here's to you, my grown up 3 year old, who loves to play with trucks and pick on his brother. Who loves chocolate frosted donuts with gimmies and pb&j (strawberry jelly) sandwiches with pretzels and carrots. On a plate. To eat in the living room. And Rice Krispies for every other meal. Who cheers for the ice cream truck so he can get his ice cream cone. Who gave his brother the nickname of Muffin Truck. Luke is Banana Whiskers, daddy is Yogurt granola farts and I'm Snot.

Happy birthday, Buddy.

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