Friday, February 24, 2012

A long time coming.....

So I've been terrible at keeping up with this Blogging thing. I guess it's just lack of motivation on my end.. Plus, we live a pretty boring life.

On Feb 7th we found out that our little Baby M is a little boy! How exciting. We would have been happy either way, but as the days ticked down before finding out, our bet was that much closer to closure. I won, clearly. Ha! A little boy to love and snuggle and cuddle and call our own! After all this time of being together (almost 12 years) I always hoped we'd get to this point, starting our little family.

Mom and Dad bought us a crib for Baby Boy M. We decorated his room. I'll post pictures soon. We're going with a forest theme and we found this extra cute wall decal of a tree with owls and birds and flowers. I love it so I hope it'll give out little boy something to look at while he's in his crib.

I've been picking up little bits of clothing here and there for him too. I found a lot at the Salvation Army, which after he's born, will be a savior since they grow out of things so quickly. It would cost a fortune to clothe this little boy with full priced/name brand things. I also found another fantastic place to get baby clothes. It's a 2nd hand store named Savers. It's fantastic. I got a whole bunch of Carters and Oshkosh stuff for not even $2 a piece! I'm not going to lie, I love it!
So other than baby business, nothing much is going on. Work is work. Other than that we're just so excited for this new little addition to our family that we can barely contain ourselves. Although, on a little side note, I've been feeling this litte one kick up a storm for the past few weeks.. I've felt him since 15 weeks rolling around but lately there have been a few times where I could actually feel him when I put my hand where he was kicking. Little Boy is getting stronger, and taller! I love it when I can feel him stretching out trying to get some room (I know I won't be saying that when I get further along, but for right now, I like the little reminder that he's still in there).

I've been in a pretty good mood this whole pregnancy too. Even when I don't feel too well, I try to boost my mood so that my positivity will transfer to him. I don't need a stressed out little boy! Trying not to get/stay angry has helped a lot and I can tell he knows when I'm happy too!

With all that being said, I'll try to be better at posting, but I can't make any promises!

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