Monday, October 1, 2012

Apples And Instagram!

So I'm home with the little guy today since my Mother-in-law is sick. I hope she gets better soon!

So while Lucas took his first little morning nap, I went all Susie Homemaker and made an apple pie. (since we got a huge, gigantic bag of apples on the 22nd which I totally haven't posted about here it goes.)
We go to Tougas Farm in Northboro, MA to pick our apples. We really like it there and they usually have a nice selection and we figured we should go since the apple season was pretty early this year. My sister tagged along with us and we usually have a good, goofy time with the three (4) of us so it was especially goofy in public even though it was a little very crowded. Isn't my little guy so cute with his little guy sized apple! Can't wait til next year when he can actually enjoy the apples that he pics!

 Now here's the instagram challenge!
1. You, now
2. Father
3. Far Away
4. In my mailbox/postbox
5. Bright
6. Every day
7. Natural
8. At night
9. Something you do most weekends
10. Hero
11. Black + White
12. Together
13. Table
14. Favorite
15. First thing you see
16. Strange
17. In my fridge
18. Price
19. Underneath
20. Man-made
21. Sometimes
22. Up
23. Before bedtime
24. 3 things
25. Frame
26. Near
27. Love/Hate
28. A good thing
29. Errand
30. You, then

Well. I managed to do the whole month.. but I'm not feeling ready to take on October...

But do you see a trend? It's either food or my little boy. Get's kind of boring for you guys to look at the same kid all the time, right?

That's about all that's been happening. So glad I got a few minutes to post this! Believe me, I haven't forgotten about you all! Hopefully you'll keep checking in for something new every now and then.

I'm off to attempt to bake an apple bread before Little Luke wakes up from his nap :)

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