Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I totally just sold my first item on etsy tonight.

How pumped am I?

Very pumped.

It's been hectic and crazy and I knew it would be, especially starting this all up at Christmas time. But luckily the holidays are almost here and then I'll be able to focus more on my etsy store and getting that more stocked.

But for now I'm making like 10 projects all at the same time. And teaching myself to knit again. And trying to use my new fancy Holga lens I bought (check one thing off of my list for 2013 - get new unique lenses for my camera). And taking care of an almost 6 month old. Guys- he's going to be 6 months old in just under 2 weeks. Am I losing it, or is the time just flying by? For real.

He's starting to sit up on his own now. And stand (for like 2 seconds- which makes me super nervous- who needs a mobile kid soon - not this girl, let me tell you). 

But if you're bored, or happen to be perusing etsy.com- check out my little store

I'm hoping to get more things up on the store soon!

That's pretty much all for tonight. Going to package up my item and call it a night...

But don't you just love this kid?! I know I do!

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