Saturday, December 15, 2012

Enjoy Life. Every Moment.

Yesterday, there was a shooting at an elementary school in Newtown CT. 
This world is unbelievable. I have such a hard time thinking/talking/writing about this topic. Honestly, I get really panicky when it comes to death in general, and now having Lucas has made that even worse.
I could not even imaging getting my little kiddo ready for a day at school and then be called with this news.
President Obama's speech brought me to tears.
I hugged Lucas a little tighter when I got home.
I can't even begin to imagine the kind of pain and suffering everyone at that school is going through right now.
Terrible things are happening all year so I'm not focusing on this one only because I think it's the worst, it's just so recent and so devastating.
Kids and adults and animals are being hurt and tortured every single day. People live with painful diseases every day that there are just no cures for that the world doesn't hear/know about. There is suffering, every day and all day.
I suppose it just takes certain events in life to let you remember what's important.

My child is safe. My husband is safe. My family is safe.
We have a roof over our heads. We have food. We have heat.

That's what is important. The petty crap that goes on, the cattyness, the bullying, the fights with friends, the gossiping, the complaining, all of that doesn't really matter.

Be greatful for what you have, whether it was earned or given, be thankful for those around you that make your life what it is.
Those are my thought about it all. I didn't want to seem heartless and not share my feelings on the subject, but honestly, it's hard for me.

On a brighter note.

Want to know what happens when grammy feeds a little boy a coffee ice cream cone?
Not being able to go to sleep, and waking up at 2:30 a.m. with a tummy ache (and a smile and a giggle)  and a really sleepy day for mumma.

ALSO- Big news people!
We have a sitter. Lucas is sitting up on his own- with the occasional accident or two (but who counts those, right?)

AAH he's getting so big! I'm not ready. Well, really, I'm ready. But he's my little guy that wants to be a grown up already. Slow down, baby boy, I'm trying to remember every little thing you have done in your (almost) 6 months you've been here.

And guess who has his first tooth!

Now I'm just trying to prepare myself for painful biting and more teeth coming soon.

Try to have a good weekend everyone. 
I know it'll be hard with everything that went on yesterday.
Enjoy life. Every moment.

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