Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And soon we'll be 3....

Today we took a tour of the hospital where this little bean is going to be hatched.
It pretty much feels real now. 
I'm at 36 weeks (and a half- but who's counting). 37 is considered full term and 41 is post term and they won't usually let you get past 42. Let's just hope he's on time.
The only thing I have to say is that I felt more lost walking around in there than I did before I went. The maternity ward is one big circle. I almost feel like we should have just tried our luck when I finally go into labor. (that sounds grammatically incorrect, but I'm okay with it)
We were walked around by a nurse (and I cannot remember her name for the life of me) and although she was very nice, the "tour" felt disjointed. We were shown the "birthing room" and although we made it there with her, I could not tell you for the life of me how I would go about getting there. There are two sets of elevators, she said, you can use either set, she said, but one is better than the other, she said, so let's see if we chose the right set. Really? I'm going to be in labor and you want me to remember which set of elevators is "better" to use? Well alright, I guess we'll wing it.
No biggie.
Other than that, the "tour" was fine, but it puts things in perspective. In less than a month, this little guy could be here. Less than a month?!? 
We're totally ready though. Totally. Plus, I get 12 weeks paid off of work- so, that's pretty awesome.


Wish us luck. I'll keep this updated on the progress. I'm just hoping that we'll get some good news at the next doctor's appointment that things are progressing nicely (although I did get that news last time- yesterday) but I'd like to know that I could go any time now. :)

Two more work days and then it's the weekend again- how exciting!

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