Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prom and a baby shower (not related, thankfully)

Feeling like an old lady today- My little brother went to the prom last night.
Doesn't he look handsome!

Still it's crazy. Time is flying by. It doesn't feel like he's going to be graduating high school in 2013. I remember laughing about it when I graduated high school saying "Oh, Josh won't be graduating til 2013, that's so far away!" Except not. At all. It's here before we know it and I think we've all been taken aback by it.I'll have to do his Senior Pictures this summer!

Likewise with my little sister. I went to her orientation for high school on Wednesday- Class of 2016! High School! She's still that little terror to me even though she's now 14 years old. Ugh!

All of this 'time-flying-by' stuff makes me realize that I need to take more pictures. Clearly I don't take enough and I need to capture things as they are happening. Especially when Little Baby M gets here. I mean, my camera bag will be right next to my hospital bag so I better remember to grab it! Speaking of hospital bag, I should probably pack that soon.

Anyway, this baby's arrival is getting so close. Work threw me a baby shower yesterday.
Everyone has their own name for Baby Miller- since we're not telling til he's here!

My friend Alicia made a 'diaper cake' that looks like a motorcycle. It's SO cute!
  It was so cute and we definitely felt so loved. It was a really nice thing they did for us. (P.S.- Note the Star Wars bag- My boss clearly knows us- hahaha) It definitely started to feel real. Side note: I'm so awkward when it comes to those kinds of things where I need to be the center of attention. I hate when people have to read my reaction when I open gifts. I appreciate them so much, but my face never seems to convey how much I actually do. Honestly, though, I really appreciate everything that anyone does for me. I try to say it, but somehow I always feel like people will think I'm not being sincere. So that's a little about my awkwardness.

Anyway, off to celebrate my best friend and owner of's graduation!
Then off to buy thank you cards.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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