Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Baby front.......

I don't want this whole blog to turn into baby news, but it's kind of a big deal right now. I hope you understand.

Apparently when you get pregnant, aside from all the 'being pregnant' changes in your body, other things start to happen too. I have recently acquired super smelling capabilities. Things that I would have never noticed before are now a huge deal to me. For example, my seat at work was recently moved and the seat I am in now is closer to the bathroom. So all day all I can smell is chemicals from the bathroom, which totally turn my stomach. Thankfully, mom got me an air freshener for my desk which goes off when it senses a different odor. Hooray! The other thing I have noticed happening is that I am forgetting things all the time and making small errors at work. Apparently it's called baby brain, but it's terrible and it needs to stop. I can't afford to forget things and make these little mistakes. So frustrating. But, it's all worth it in the end. And my appetite is slowly returning which is a good thing, but I seem to not be able to eat as I did before, which I need to learn. Portion size needs to be smaller no matter how much I think I can eat or how hungry I think I really am. 

We have two more weeks until our next appointment, but I have been feeling tiny little flutters lately so the little one is letting me know little Baby M is still growing and potentially having a dance party in there.

In painting news, I came home from work last night expecting to have to finish edging the Baby M's room just to find that on my amazing Hubby's day off, he finished the entire room, 2nd coat of paint and all! I was/am so impressed and surprised (because, to be honest, the last thing I wanted to do after a day of work on a Friday was to paint). He's just so wonderful and the room looks amazing! I'll take some pictures soon!

Also, I was going to post some pictures of a gift that I made my best friend, but I forgot to snap some photos of it before I wrapped it and gave it to her.. Bummer. But maybe she'll wear it over next time and I'll get to take some then.

I've also noticed that I honestly do not take enough photos anymore. Maybe it has been the lack of energy, maybe the lack of interesting things, but I definitely need to start taking them again. I looked for a profile picture for this blog and could not even find one recent one (post 40lbs lost, currently pregnant). With that being said, more picture taking will commence immediately. It's a bummer though, because it's so cold out now, that taking pictures outside is a challenge... We'll see how it goes. That's all the news I have for today. Sorry it's so wordy. Once I get back on the wagon of taking photos, I'll have plenty to show you on here.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! Such an exciting and truly beautiful time in your life... I know that your baby is going to be incredibly luck to have you and your husband as parents; I can read the love you have for him/her in your writing!

    ...And thank you ever so much for the kind comment on my blog and dropping by. You are all too sweet! ❤

  2. Thank you Lauren, We are so beyond excited and happy!


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